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Since 1966, Uthe Technology has been the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic generators and transducers in the frequency range between 20-250kHz.




Uthe Technology, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets ultrasonic power supplies and transducers used in semiconductor and medical industry.

The principal markets for the company's equipment are merchant and captive semiconductor manufacturers. More than 70 percent of Uthe products are sold to original equipment manufacturers and distributors, with the remainder being sold to end-users.

Consist of more than 500 different end-users of the company's ultrasonic power supplies and transducers. In addition, 90 percent of the company's OEM sales were made to a number of bonding machine manufacturers including ASM International; F & K Delvotec S.A.; Dias Automation Ltd.; Marpet Industries, Inc.; Hybond, Inc.; SMH (Taiwan); ESEC; Mitsubishi, Hesse and Knipps, and many other equipment manufacturers.
Other customers include captive semiconductor manufacturers who produce bonding machines for their own use or for resale, such as General Motors, Philips, Hitachi, IBM, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba.

As with other pioneering Silicon Valley companies, Uthe started out in a garage with the founders developing products which were not then available for the fledgling semiconductor industry. Uthe Technology, Inc., was incorporated in California in 1966. Of the original members of Uthe Technology, Volkhard Quandt still remains as the Senior Vice President. Since its inception, the company's principal business has been the design, manufacture and marketing of ultrasonic transducers and power supplies used for semiconductor assembly. The first of these products was introduced in 1966. Uthe was acquired by Crestek, Inc. in 1982. In 1986, Uthe developed high frequency ultrasonic systems which are fast becoming today's process of choice. Currently, Uthe is the world's leading manufacturer of semiconductor bonding power supplies and transducers controlling about 65 percent of the world market.

Uthe Technology, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crestek, Inc., of Trenton, NJ. The Crestek Inc family includes Crest Ultrasonics, manufacturers of state of the art ultrasonic cleaning systems, Piezo Kinetics Inc., manufacturers of piezoelectric materials, Rinco Inc., manufacturers of ultrasonic plastic welding equipment.

The company's sales/marketing, research and development, and transducer manufacturing headquarters, is located in Trenton, NJ. Uthe also operates regional offices in Singapore and Japan which services semiconductor assembly operations based in the Far East and Japan. Uthe generators are manufactured in Penang Malaysia under the auspices of Crest Malaysia.




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